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Tapered furled leaders are not new: first being made from tied horse hair. We rediscover them through new textile fibers available in our time. Their advantages over conventional, most commonly used, leaders are unknown and deserve our interest. Firstly, they are virtually memory free, times of leader straightener is ended. Also, the energy transfer, the turn-over, is powerful, see even aggressive. While the delicacy of the deposit makes an outstanding presentation of dry flies. There is also less "drag" since they tend to float. Wind-knots are much less frequent and are easier to untie while leaving the leader intact. The twist acts as a shock absorber protecting fine tippet from breakage when fighting tough challenger or nervously setting the hook. They better preserve the floating or sinking treatment. They thus can be pretreated which is also recommended. Unlike the braided leaders, they do not have a hollow center tending to absorb and project water in the form of droplets on the surface of water. It remains certainly still many positive points to discover by using them. The ABC brand Tapered furled leaders are manufactured in several models to cover the most fishing situations and methods as possible.



All floating models are pretreated for the life of the leader.

The "high visibility" models are also discrete. The last forty per cent (tip) is clear color while the first sixty per cent (the butt) is a fluorescent color helping to track the offering and detect subtle strikes(BITES) Moreover, due to their great buoyancy it is easy to adjust, by the length of the tippet, the probed depth. This facilitates the use of the nymphs.
Floating High Visibility
The "high flexibility" models are offered in two colors either blue or grey, to reduce contrasts from the point of view of fish. Therefore, blue for sunny days and gray for cloudy days. It’s the model to use where the delicacy, in the presentation of small flies, is required.
Floating Hight Flexibility Blue
Floating High Flexibility Grey
The "high resistance" models are very versatile. The latter forsake just a little delicacy to obtain pretty much more power for turning over heavy and large flies. According to the tip used, they can as well be used to fool small trout with a fine nylon tippet as large predators with a nylon-coated steel tippet. These are presented in two versions. Those laters are specially designed for 7 wt and heavier lines or for 7 wt and lighter lines. Three colors are available: clear, high-visibility/clear tip (60/40) and smoke (black).
Floating High Resistance 7- clear
Floating High Resistance 7+ HV


For fishing subsurface sinking models will help you present your offerings to the right depth. Depending on the targeted dept and current velocity, two models are available.
The "sinking 2''/SEC", green, that once soaked in water will sink at a rate about two inches per second. Shorter than the floating models they measure approximately eight to nine feet after adding a tippet of three (or more) feet. This later should be made of fluorocarbon to ensure an optimal sinking rate.
Sinking 2"/sec
The "sinking 4''/SEC." is a translucent version with low index of refraction of light due to its composition of fluorocarbon, which also confers a greater resistance to abrasion than nylon. This is very interesting when the action is expected to happen under-water often on rocky river bed. Moreover this model offers a higher sinking rate that is approximately four inches per second. Shorter than the floating ones they measure about eight to nine feet after adding a tippet of three (or more) feet. This later should be made of fluorocarbon to ensure an optimal sinking rate.
Sinking 4"/sec



The "toothy-critter" models are distinguished from the “high resistance” models by their slightly shorter length. Composed of a "Butt" section measuring around 5’5’’, and a tippet section varying in length and composition. The best choices of material for the tippet are: nylon coated steel (supplied) and large-diameter fluorocarbon. To obtain more length, add a section of line between the butt and the tippet that is ideally stronger than the tippet or simply use a “high resistance’’ model to which you add the heavy-duty tip of your choice, with or without swivel.

Floating products  
The range of products continues to grow to meet the multiple needs of anglers and their different technique. Among the different products are also found nontoxic floating products . Offered in three different densities: the gel, balm and wax will cover most needs of fishermen.


The gel is intended to be used for dry flies and strike-indicators. It does not produce an oily film at water surface. Easy to apply, simply rub a small amount between fingers and then soak the fly with it.

Balm and Wax

The balm and the wax are intended to treat: fly-line, leaders, and guide rings. They could also be used to seal a seam or as a lip-balm... Both products can be applied in the same way; with a cloth or in a water bath. In fact, the balm that is slightly less dense is designed for field use since it applies easily with a cloth. While the wax is provided for use at higher temperatures, or an application to the water bath for more lasting results.
Balm and Wax

All this is wanting to be suggestive, the three densities can meet the needs of each method and especially the various fishing situations: as those of winter "stealhead" or those for "bone-fish" in the tropics. The same applies to the use of leaders, these are just suggestions to demonstrate the inherent properties of different models...

You can find the products there:

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